You’ve Worked Hard – Now It’s Time to Live the Good Life

Are you wondering about the best place to retire in Costa Rica? We’ve done it ourselves, so we can tell you exactly which areas to consider!

More and more North Americans are retiring oversees, where a more affordable lifestyle can generally be found. But beyond inexpensive, retirees also want to live where the weather is nice year-round, the healthcare is top-notch and affordable, the locals are warm and friendly and there is a large expat community.

Costa Rica ticks all of those boxes!

The country boasts a glorious natural landscape and rich biodiversity. We have sun most days of the year, with cool ocean breezes and starry nights. Our economy is strong and the government is stable. Healthcare is world-class and universal healthcare coverage is available to residents.

But perhaps the greatest thing about retiring in Costa Rica is the fact that there is a large expat community and incredibly friendly locals, all of whom are happy to welcome you. Moving to Costa Rica feels like moving back home.

We’ve Been Where You Are

Are you thinking of retiring in Costa Rica in 2019? We were once where you are now: ready to retire to a tropical paradise but having a lot of questions about it. Most of our clients have similar questions like:

  • Can I retire in Costa Rica on social security?
  • What’s it like to retire in Costa Rica from Canada?
  • Where are the best places to retire in Costa Rica?
  • How much money do you need to retire in Costa Rica?
  • Retirement in Costa Rica requirements – what are they?
  • What are Costa Rica retirement benefits? (Plenty, we can tell you!)

If you have these same questions, please get in touch with us. We not only help people buy and sell homes, we like to think we help people change their lives for the better.

Spend some time looking through our Costa Rica retirement homes and condos for sale, then give us a call so we can set up some times for you to tour these properties. We hope to call you friend and neighbor real soon!